2022 The newest car accessories air bladder pneumatic massage system car seat air lumbar support

Product name: Car seat air lumbar support Type: Seat Parts Material: PVC Size: 330*340*20mm Weight:1kg Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Model Number: CJ918-3 Lead Time:




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1.  There are two ways to adjust the seat lumbar support: electric and manual. Of course, electric will be more expensive. According to the adjustment direction, it can also be divided into two-way adjustment and four-way adjustment, that is, the front and rear, up and down; 2. Relieve the fatigue and fatigue of the waist. Due to poor sitting posture and not paying attention to protecting the waist, the lumbar spine problem of modern people is becoming more and more common. Similar to a chair, the lumbar support is the most important for the comfort of the chair, and the older you are, the more sensitive you are to this. We know that the spine is S-shaped, and the seat lumbar support or cushion can properly fit the waist curve of the human body and give the driver and passenger a good support for the waist, which effectively relieves the lumbar fatigue and fatigue caused by long-term driving. 3. Improve driving safety. The seat lumbar support solves the fatigue problem of the driver and passenger, thereby indirectly improving the driving safety. People who do not buy a car with a lumbar support function can buy a suitable high-quality seat. Chair cushions solve this problem.Effect A movable support pad is installed at the waist of the seat, which can be adjusted manually or electrically, continuously or in stages, so as to meet and support the lumbar curve of the driver and reduce the lumbar fatigue of the driver.  Ningbo Chunji Import And Export Trade Co.,Ltd Phone: 150 5806 6299 Email: yama@nbchunji.com Address: No.11, Moganshan Road, Xinqi Street, Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang

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